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Tired of being stopped out or being exposed to normal market pullbacks?

We specialize in buying or shorting leading stocks at low risk, alternative entry points to maximize your profits and reduce your risk!

We provide simple, easy-to-follow technical analysis education and trading psychology.  We help traders and investors manage their emotional state and stay centered vs. making impulsive decisions.  We do this by showing via multiple visuals the power of support, resistance, trend channels and the like.

Since our inception in August, 2008, if you started with a portfolio of $100,000 and traded in tandem with us, your $100,000 would be worth $192,914.82 or a 92% return. During the same time period, the S&P yielded a return of 48%.

Whether your account is large or small, we make it easy for you to enjoy consistent profits in the market with our daily newsletters and trade trigger alerts where you can trade in tandem with us.

To learn more, sign up for our FREE 15-day no obligation trial and receive for 15 days everything our paying subscribers receive including:

  • Newsletters educating you on the top technical set-ups we look for and how and when to trade them
  • Updates each trading day on the market, leading stocks, a watch list and a review of how our trades are performing
  • Trade trigger alerts every time we buy and sell a stock -- so you can literally trade right along side us
  • A watch list of stocks that will become our next trades should they trigger

"THANK YOU!!  Your ongoing analysis, explanations and picks are very valuable on many levels.  Your newsletters are better than an IBD in-person seminar." Steve -- Litchfield Park, AZ

Our service is simple.

1. We find quality trade set-ups

2. We educate you on those set-ups and how to trade them

3. We send you email alerts when a stock triggers a trade and another email when we are locking in gains.

That's it -- all for just $29.99/month to do nothing but trade in tandem with us and enjoy consistent profits!

To learn more and trade in tandem with us via our Trade Trigger email alerts:

Sign up for our FREE 15-day no obligation trial.

"Hey I just wanted to say good job!  I have not taken all the trades you have thrown out, but I would have been better off if I had." Mike -- Eustace, TX



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